We are on a mission to build a safer society and are looking for talented,
passionate people to join our global team.

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Digital transformation for a safer society

A crucial part of 4C Strategies’ success is our global team of experienced consultants and developers who are passionate about our mission to build a safer society. As we continue to grow from our offices in Sweden, the UK and the US, we are actively looking for new talent.

At 4C Strategies, we offer continuous opportunities for individual development. This can mean delivering high-level projects, developing innovative solutions and driving growth opportunities across the spectrum of risk, business continuity, crisis management, exercises (and much more!). We are thought-leaders in our field, and our company is built on a foundation of innovation, integrity and information security.

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Working as a developer at 4C

We’re not just a software company, or a management consultancy, but a passionate, global team of resilience managers, software developers and training experts.

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(and counting) Exercises and trainings delivered in the public, private and military sectors since our founding in 2000.


Armed Forces are using Exonaut to support their training and exercises.

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